Valentine Nails Ideas

You might be quarantine or unable to go to the beauty shop but it shouldn’t stop you from looking good. It is always refreshing to spend time with loved ones or your significant other and a day created for it is as special. If you have no plans you should reconsider and check out our list of indoor date ideas, if you are celebrating then you need cool nail ideas I will be posting some to give you inspiration.

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1. The clear-dot-style or Red-moon-Shape

If you love subtle looks, The style on the left is the best but you can always try the style on the right too.

2. The Shiny Marble Effect

The shiny and marble effect would go well with a subtle outfit.

3. Your Heart-In-My-Hands

This geo manicure with the dainty hearts makes such a captivating view.

4. The Mismatched

The Allure of the varying polishes makes this so entralling, you can try this if you want to stray from the usual

5. Beige-my-heart

This isn’t like the regular Nude nail set the gold studs add the minimal drama that you need to take it from classic to special.

6. Clear My Heart

If you are the type who loves pizzaz and drama, this nail set is for you

7. Five Shades of Brown

Mismatched nail sets are definitely pretty and far from the usual

8. Red and Sparkling

The due red look with a flash of glitters

9. Yellow me on

If you love daring nails, this color is perfect

10. Orange-I-care

This orange and marble nails look are so perfect with each other

11. Holo-My-Heart

If you love the attention, this holographic nails will get it for you.

12. The Red-Moon-Shaped Tips

The allure of these set is not only the moon shaped with square tips combo but the clear and red gel effect

13. Spark-My-Heart

This Gold rush set adds clear magic with sparkles

I hope this post inspires you to try these colors out.

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