How to : Wear the trending Tennis skirt

The tennis skirt have been the rave recently everyone seems to have one in either black or white or plaid and pairing it with the most beautiful sweatshirts,popping socks and sneakers. If you are not sure the tennis skirt is for you this is a post telling you that you can rock it no matter what, it is great for casual runs, as a school outfit and played up enough for a date. Just like everything else when it comes to styling accessories are the main tools to turn your outfits around. I have some pictures to help inspire you when you buy your tennis skirt or decide to wear the one you already have.

You can layer your tennis skirt with a crop top and Cardigan


You can pair your skirt with Cardigans



A blazer might be the best for colder days


Tees are the best on warmer days

Sweatshirts seem to match with everything try it with the tennis skirt



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