How to avoid Brittle nails with solutions for getting stronger nails.

I know someone who believes that your level of neatness can be determined by the state of your nails and frankly I see a little truth in it because I feel people notice your nails far more than you think so the state of your nails can make a wholesome impression or not but I understand that some of us ladies deal with easily breaking nails that appear rough no matter how we try. This is why I decided to write this article to help you with your nail problems by telling you things to do avoid and solutions for stronger nails.h

Things to do to avoid Brittle nails.

  • Protect your nails from dirts and water.
  • Stay clear of acrylic nails.
  • Avoid Gel nail polish.
  • Push in cuticles.
  • Avoid scrapping your nails.
  • Stop biting your nails.
  • Avoid Dry hands.

Protect your nails from dirts and water.

An habit of always dipping your hands in water either clean or dirty can make the nail weak. The moisture from water can be helpful at times but just how too much of everything is bad our nails tend to break if they have been in what for too long.


A great way to prevent this to ensure using gloves while doing house chores that involve you working with water.

Avoid Harmful nail polish.

Be mindful of the nail polish you apply on your nails some contain chemicals that harms the nail surface which leads to brittleness.


Check for the ingredients of nail polishes before you purchase them. If you must apply them, ensure you use a cruel-free base coat and top coat for maximum protection.

Push in cuticles.

Cuticles are a vital part of how your nails look, hanging cuticles are never attractive plus failure to push them in can affect the general health of your nails.


Get a cuticle pusher then prepare a bowl of clean warm water while adding drops of moisturizer in it. Dip your hands in it for 2-3 minutes before pushing your cuticles down.

Avoid Scraping your nails.

How many times have you scrapped your nails because you had a chipped nail polish? The answer should be never and if you have done this in the past please try to stop now. Scraping your nails in the attempt to remove polish from it only makes it thinner and prone to breakage.


Get a subtle nail polish remover with cotton buds for cleaning your nail surface whenever you need to clean it out. Remember to moisturize your hands after too because of the alcohol present in the polish remover.

Stop biting your nails.

I know this could be an hard-to-break habit but I am sure you can overcome it if you decide to. Chewing your nails can result in brittleness.


Try to be mindful of yourself so you can avoid biting your nails. You can use nail stickers made of paper on them too I bet you wouldn’t like the taste of paper.

Avoid Dry Hands.

Dry hands means dry nails. Your nails need to be moisturized to look healthy.


A soft and moisturized hand will also house shiny nails, keep a moisturizer handy.Buy cruel free hand moisturizers that are mostly oil based for your hands to avoid brittleness.

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