How to: 10+ Sparkly Nails Ideas for Christmas 2020

Although festivities are almost a month away, it isn’t far-fetched to look for the best nail ideas so you can get prepared for the season. I know how important nails are so I find what I want first before visiting a nail salon or doing my manicure myself so I can avoid last-minute rushes and having to make late decisions; I have scoured the internet to bring you the best of Christmas themed colors everything from winter white to Christmas gold so you know can show your nail technician or do it yourself like I explained in this Post

This sparkly wine red combination is the perfect match for all the parties and outdoor events you intend to visit, also the subtle short style makes for a great day-to-day casual look

Red and white is a perfect color for the season asides that the wavy style of the tip of this nail design is unusual so if you are the type who enjoys standing out. This is yours!!

This sultry nail style is for the classic divas cool with the status quo and like to avoid right colors o their ails, with this style you get the classic french tip only with a little sparkles to spice things up

Red Gel nails are great but a touch of stickers takes them to Fabulous. Try them!

I love these nails because I tend to cleave to the unusual if you are just like me, Black nails won’t stop your shine this Christmas. The glitters are sparkly enough for the season

The Classic french tip but with golden swirls. Get dramatic that’s what festivities are for.

This speaks allure and Drama. You are sure to receive compliments from everyone who sees your nails

I hope these designs help you in your decision for the perfect Christmas celebration. Happy Holidays!!

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