6 steps to having short and elegant nails

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I understand the feeling of new and pretty nails, we know we like them looking clean and manicured. There are also sometimes when we can’t even deal with the long types anymore because they get in the way when you do things. Well, we found a solution!! Short nails for the win, not only do they make you more productive but news as it that designs shine brighter when the nails are short. Won’t you rather join our table then, come with your nail kit and experiment while we teach. For starters.

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You will need:-

1. A crystal file or emery board

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2. Cuticle pusher

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3. Nail Cleanser

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4. Exfoliating scrub or Sugar scrub

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5. Olive oil/moisturizer

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6. Cotton wool

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7. Nail polish(base)

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8. Nail colour(your choice)

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9. Nail rhinestones(for sideeffects)

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1.Just like every artistic work either makeup or painting, you have to start on a clean slate so it is advisable to clean the surface of your nails to remove any impurities. If you have had a previous nail color you will need to clean it out with your cotton wool dipped in your nail polish cleanser/remover.

2.You will also need to file your nail into a desired shape,mostly round since they are short and make the edges look round and neat.

3. Next, Place your hands in a bowl filled with warm water and skin friendly body cleanser then use the pushing out the necessary skin excess and pushing your cuticle
4. Use your exfoliating scrub or sugar scrub(sugar mixed with olive oil) to scrub your nail area to remove dead skin. Wipe your hands dry and moisturize it.

5. Apply the base coat on your nail so to prime and provide a clean slate,you can use a clear nail polish or a color of your choice then wait for it to get dry.

6. When the base coat dries, Pick your choice of nail color and apply it as the final touch.
When it gets dry, you could add rhinestones or nail effects to make it more beautiful or adorn with rings then you are good to go

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