Everything you need to start wearing makeup

An essential aspect of dressing up is makeup, the lift a coat of lip-stain or lipstick can give an outfit sometimes outmatch the tiniest accessory. A buff of mascara and a line of black eye-liner can be a game changer this is why I recommend that everyone should know how to apply makeup and the first to knowing how is knowing what to buy, knowing the necessary things to buy will help you save money and time. This is why I decided to write something about it, I think I started make-up at the age of 18, I was almost getting into uni by then but today is not about me so let’s get on with it.

The first thing you should know is that it is absolutely necessary for you to also take care of your skin even when deciding to wear makeup, skincare is not to be taken lightly. In assembling your makeup kit the most important thing is a moisturizer.

1. Moisturizer

Even the Kardashians swear by it, giving your face the necessary nourishment before makeup would help make your face look glowy and shinier which I think is the end goal in the first place. I would recommend the cerave moisturizer if you need a new one or you could just use the one you normally use.

2. Primer

If you are familiar with art you would know that artists peime their canvas before use even painters use primers not likening thevface tp a wall or board but it is much easier and efficient to use a primer to provide a clean slate for your makeup some primers also act as sweat blocks.

3. Face Foundation

There are various formulas of face foundation if you are looking to get a blended complexion then you can pick one but if you want more benefits like glowy skin or matte skin there are certain products for this. Ensure you pick the one that fits your choice and COLOR , you don’t want to look too white or too dark a great way to know the proper color for your skin tone is to take some of the foundation you intend to buy and rub on your neck. You can also use the tone matching tool on pinterest.


4. Concealer

A handy concealer solves almost all problems, puffy eyes or dark circles? A pop of concealer would cover it. Acne scars and pimples are not left out too.

5. Face Powder

You will need to avoid sheen after applying your makeup a face powder is the best for sealing your foundation.

6. Brow gel/Pencil

This is for highlighting your eyebrows and making them more distinct so they frame your face perfectly

7. Highlight and Contour kit

This helps bring light into your best features while dimming the parts you don’t want people to notice, I actually prefer using highlight alone because it makes my skin glow and shiny.

8. Lipsticks/Lipglosses

Whichever type you want glossy or matte lipsticks are available in various colors I would advice you start with a perfect nude that matches your color then experiment with red or pinks later.

9. Eyeliner/Mascara

These two takes your eyes to another level, they become brighter with a buff of brush and line.

10. Eyeshadow

I feel this is an optional entry but if you like playing with colors or enjoy showing your eyes off, an eyeshadow palette is a great thing

11. Setting Spray

If you use a great face powder this step is skippable but if you like your makeup looking great even at the end of a busy or trying day a setting spray is a great option.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best in your makeup journey.

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