20+ Trending Chic Outfits for Summer 2020

It’s Summertime!!! It isn’t another clip of high school musical I promise, it is just to remind you of the gloriness of the summer. Common it’s been spring after winter that means more clothing and coverups, little chance to wear that dress that shows off your body but hey the story has changed because now you can dig your frilly dresses out*drumroll*

I understand that we are in quarantine but you can walk around the house or even give us a mirror selfie, post on the gram and let’s drool. You can tag us with #stylebandits

I am sure you understand the joy of summer and the privilege of being by the pool or out almost everytime and like the diva that you are, we understand that your past outfits are so last season or you need some get me up for your old clothes that need to be rematched in chic ways, this is why I have gone around the web to do my job and find you inspiration from what the other divas are wearing. Enough of the talk,let’s get with it

Shorts and Sheer Blouses anyone?
Talia looks all radiant in this shimmery two piece
Camillacoelho looks vibrant in this corset blouse with shorts
Fashioninflux has our hearts in this combo of monochromatic shorts and croptop
Keep the dress and ditch the cardigan? Fashioninflux
Looks regal in this dress and Jacket
Michelleinfusino Beach day? Or just lounging? This one-piece and shorts are the perfect combo
Fashioninflux looks chic in this pair of boots with stockings, jacket and belt
Snmihlongo in a short dress and sneakers
A white crop top with shorts with prints
Evthalia still on prints and white.
Thanyaw in a comfy two piece
f_msalf in skirt prints and blouse with jean jackets
Naomiboyer makes an enthralling sight in this print skirt and blouse
Taliacupcake in the perfect summer uniform, a skirt and crop top
A tanktop and denim shorts never fails
Kaylakosugar You could try a flirty summer dress
Olga Mashko in shorts and jackets
Jess Hunt looks sultry in this piece
Angelina.xz in this two-piece

We hope you got inspired by these fashion queens.

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We look forward to hearing from you and tagging us with #stylebandits in your very own summer looks.

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