10 Fashionable Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Valentine might not be like the usual this year because of the lockdown and restrictions to movement but this shouldn’t stop you from celebrating with the one(s) you love be it your partner, girlfriends or just yourself in your cute bed or apartment. You can always set up a tent in your backyard or few chairs in your balcony, dress up, eat good, play some music and take some insta-worthy pictures. When it comes to outfit I believe it is best to pick what you want and what suits you so I picked the most versatile outfits worn by influencers and it-girls so you can have some help with your decision.

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1. Satin Wrap dress

This Dress makes sexy look easy with its subtle allure and style.

2. White Dress

Micah Gianelli looks perfect in this frilly detailed dress with perfect accessories.

3. Red Dress

Laura Jade Stone

This dress makes a playful but flirty number, you get enough comfort while looking gorgeous too.


4. Suit Set

This isn’t the normal suit set you know and the plus is that you can always ditch the jacket so the lingerie comes out to play, what better way to entice your lover.

4. Denim

This makes for a great look if you would be outdoor and if not you could always trade the trouser for shorts or skirts and you can ditch the blazer if you are not a fan.

5. Blazer Dresses

Blazer dresses always look good on everyone add some simple accessories and you are good to go

6. Classy Red Dress

A simple red dress with dramatic slits would make a classy look

7. Floral Dress


Floral dresses are always a hit, you can mix with match accessories or try nude or black for a perfect fit.

8. Red Sultry Dress

Short, Sexy and Tight. If this means you then go all the way with great makeup and accessories

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